. 625 Adjustable piston system - mid length

Only $302.99




Firearm Type:  AR15

Gas Length:  Mid Length

Barrel Diameter:  0.625"

Weight:  12.7 oz.

Piston Block Attachment Type:  Clamp On, Socket Head Cap Screws

Piston Block Material and Finish: Melonite QPQ

Carrier:  Ion Bonded, 1 pc. Carrier w/ Skis and Dimpled Key

Gas Adjustment: 30 Locked Positions, Front Of Block

Bleed Off Port: Front Of Block



Piston Block Assembly

Carrier (bolt not included).

(1) 3/32" X 6"  Hex Key  (tool to adjust gas screw)

(1) 9/64" X 6" Hex key  (tool to install/remove gas block plug)

(1) Bushing and insert tool (Just an extra.... we have had some requests.  Use at your discretion).

Installation Instructions & QR Code For Video Tutorial

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