About Maligator Tactical

Typical story. What started out as a hobby, became a business. For years we’ve been shooting and building AR’s for ourselves and our friends, till all we needed for a business was a name and a handshake. We looked down and there was Meiko, Rob’s Belgian Malinois.

These dogs are known for having a mouth full of teeth and a love for using them. Their bite power is so incredible; well trained dogs actually crush bones when they engage the “bad guy”. Those of us living in Florida easily recognize their similarity to a Floridian native, the alligator. This similarity has so rightly earned them the nickname “MALIGATOR”. Perfect! Let’s use that.

Being both current and former law enforcement, we’ve met a lot of really good people in the business, and some are now even good friends. We make no apologies for being patriotic, and neither do the people we choose to partner with.

Buying and using American made products is important to us. We stand behind our products and the people who make them. We take great pride in servicing our law enforcement, military, and emergency services personnel. We thank them for their service and will go out of our way to accommodate them.

Our mascot Meiko is a 2 year old, 92 lb, German Belgian Malinois. Meiko come from really good stock and Rob's had him since he was a puppy. Meiko is aggression / protection trained, as well as being trained in narcotics detection. He loves the range and you'll probably see him in a lot of our photos.


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