Foam Earplug, 60 Pairs with Aluminum Carry Case

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Mpow Foam Earplug, 34dB Highest NRR, 60 Pairs with Aluminum Carry Case, for Hearing Protection, Noise Reduction, Hunting Season, Sleeping, Snoring, Working, Shooting, Travel, Concert B07BQKT5Y3


  • Hearing Protector and Noise Blocker. Made from premium PU material, with a high noise reduction rating (NRR) of 34 db. Effectively protect hearing in loud events or set up quiet environment for sleep.
  • Hygienic and Portable. With a little pretty aluminum case for carry. It keeps earplugs clean and away from damages.
  • Gentle and Tender. 45s slow rebound, enough for you to set the earplug, gently fill the ear canal. Ultra-soft and low-pressure, cause no pain to the ear canal.
  • Economical and Affordable. 60 pairs of earplugs for use. You are advised to replace with a new pair of earplugs after every 5-day use.
  • Serve Multiple Purposes. As an everyday item, Mpow foam earplug is suitable for hunting season, sleeping, snoring, studying, work, shooting, travel, concerts, relaxation, motorcycling, loud events.

34dB High Noise Reduction Rating
Disco/KTV: ≥90dB, damage to the hearing. After: ≤50dB, no damage to the hearing
Airport: 80 – 89dB, unbearable. After: ≤40dB, relatively quiet
Bedroom facing to the street: 60 – 79dB, suffer insomnia. After: ≤25dB, little quiet sound
Noisy living room: 50 – 59dB, noisy. After: ≤15dB, nearly silent
Bedroom: 40dB, quiet/soft voice. After: -, silent

Package Contents
Earplugs ×60prs
Aluminum case ×1
Storage bottle ×1

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